Sunday, 7 October 2012

Can we still go to the beach in October?

So, you're planning that all important holiday with your little ones....

It's hard when you go on holiday towards the end of the summer season as you have to plan for all eventualities.

Yesterday we had some really odd weather in Cyprus.

We left the house around 2pm on Saturday afternoon for a trip to the beach armed with our beach chairs, towels and reading matter. As we got into our double cab truck, one look at the sky towards the mountains painted a pretty miserable picture:


And this was what faced us as we reached the beach looking towards Episkopi cliffs and the Garrison:


But looking in the direction of Limassol itself and towards the east, this was the view we had:


I still managed to have swims in the sea in between coming out and getting dry in the hot sunshine and reading my Jack Reacher book (The Affair) on my Kindle.

It did cloud over eventually too much for us to stay any longer but when we arrived home again 15 minutes later, the sun was shining brightly back on our street. However, we did have rather a large puddle on our front patio so it looks like we did the best thing by going out for the afternoon!

In Ayia Napa - it was a very different story!
This photo was taken at around 2.30pm on Saturday 6 October just off Ayia Napa harbour.

Photo provided by the Pepper Bar Lounge on Facebook.

Now we know why the Lifeguard on the beach behind us kept checking his walkie talkie and had his camera at the ready!

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