Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cyprus with Babies - a new look for the website

So today I woke up with an idea in my head to revamp the website... 

I thought it was a bit clumsy with all the different pages so I've aimed for a neater and hopefully an easier navigation system.

I hope you enjoy it!

All the pages are still there, they are just not all in the top menus any more. Now you will access the menu pages from the main page by clicking on one of the images and there are additional navigation links at the bottom of every page. 

Below is the new main page you will see when you open  

And these are the new look container links to the menu pages:
This icon takes you to the main Information page of the website where you can find out how Cyprus with Babies (baby equipment hire for baby holidays in Cyprus) works.
Here's where you can find out about what baby items you can rent from Cyprus with Babies.
Below is our new Out and About page link:
I look forward to your comments and feedback on our new look website. 
I hope it was worth all my hard work today!!!

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